Habits of highly successful people is a regular practice or tendency. In this context, a habit is the things entrepreneurs should do in order to retain and succeed in business. Several top successful past and present entrepreneurs share several same qualities.


Ten habits of greatly successful people


1.Live and breathe goals

Often, entrepreneurs have several goals they must attain, be it long-term or short-term while some with no deadlines. They ensure to do whatever it takes to accomplish those goals.


habits_entrepreneur2.It is my Fault

Successful people doesn’t play the blame game. If they mess up they openly admit it to people. Aside from admitting fault, they take responsibility for the screw up and encourages all around them that it is okay to mess up and that everyone makes mistakes. Acknowledging the mistake will help in future improvements.



3. Failure is a “no-stop”

Only a hand-full of entrepreneurs can claim they made it atop with no failures whatsoever. Everyone fails is the plain truth. No matter how many times one fails, success in the end is what counts. Successful people learn from mistakes encountered and strive for better. Greats such as Bill Gates or Steve Jobs experienced career failures at some point but remained focused and attained amazing results.


4.Know their weaknesses and strengths

Every entrepreneur is self-aware of their own capabilities and the sooner one learns about their weaknesses and strengths, the faster the ability to succeed. No one in every business area is perfect. Great entrepreneurs know when they can’t do something and are wise to find someone who can.


5. Work hard, play hard

They establish a fine line between work and fun and  know they must work more than play but also recognize that they require fun in their lives. Find times or days you can escape the workplace and have fun. In order to succeed, discover a secure balance between play and work.


6.Listen more, talk less

Listening to mentors, customers and your competitors is needed of aspiring entrepreneurs and will always listen more than they talk. You learn more from listening to others.


7.It’s passion, not work

Doing what one loves turns to a hobby, something one spends numerous hours because of the fun they are having. A strong driving force that can aid your success is passion. Being passionate about how and what you do will drive you to work harder without realizing it.


8. Can sell anything

For an entrepreneur, the first sale is what really determines your being in business and  successful people knows that cash flow and sales is the key to business success. Entrepreneurs constantly sell visions to partners, employees, customers and investors.


9.Have faith in crazy

They believe in themselves, their products and more importantly their vision even though it may seem far-fetched or crazy to some people.


10.They build around what they know

They took what they had or knew and built a brand of a billion dollars. There is no need for learning the whole fresh industry, simply take advantage of prior knowledge on something and use it.



The above listed habits should be integrated by all level entrepreneurs in their pedigree. They are proven techniques that worked for some of the most successful entrepreneurs.
What do you think about this habits? Please comment below.


Author: William is a student of the faculty of Economy and is very interested in started his own business. He created essayeagles.com in roder to try the new model of interpreneurship.
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2 thoughts on “10 Habits of Highly Successful People

  • adeem

    I think as entrepreneurs we’re just more motivated perhaps then those working for others because we want more out of life. I would hope everyone would have these types of qualities though.

    • Marius

      Good point adeem. I would say entrepreneur perspective is quite different than those working for other because they act and take responsibility for their own life.

      We should admit it needs some courage and perseverance to achieve entrepreneur status.


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