There is no doubt that a decent project manager can add so much value to any organisation that exists today. Whether you have a multi-national company or just a 4 or 5 man show, they will be able to keep your clients informed and ensure things run smoothly.

Rolling out a new service or product can be a very challenging activity and it is crucial to meet those timelines whilst keeping the stakeholders sweet. But there are some areas of project management that need more attention than others, if they are not attended to effectively, the whole show can be in tatters. We’ve highlighted 4 of the more common ones for you here and hopefully you’ll be able to avoid them in the future – Good Luck!


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Each and every project that you take on must add some value to the organisation that you are working for.

By accepting and running a project that doesn’t support the development of your business, or one that does not improve some area of the company, you will not only be wasting valuable time and money, but also resources that could be better employed.

You need to be able to identify such wasteful activities and be strong enough to highlight these shortcomings to your employer.

Explain that by aligning the project to match the planning objectives of your organisation, you will be helping the company to progress effectively.


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In order for your project management expertise to have a positive effect on your organisation, the company itself must first be ready for this approach.

It should already adopt a culture that allows specific teams to have access to the right tools in order to complete the project without any hindrance.

By taking on any significant project, you must be sufficiently empowered to address each and every step with the confidence of your employer and stakeholders.

If you are not equipped with the correct toolset and fail to have the complete backing of your peers, the project will fail, and it’s as simple as that.


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Whilst it may appear that project management can be undertaken without the correct training and experience in place, this simply is not the case.

A successful project manager must be able to select the right people for his/her team and they need to be able to correctly define each role and objective clearly.

The resources must be provided in order to effectively staff the project, if this is overlooked, the project will not run smoothly and will probably fail as a result.

Only an experienced and talented project manager will be able to fill each team role effectively.


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The problem with many existing projects is that a team member may also have another role to perform for the organisation.

It is imperative that the project manager can recognise this requirement and organise the 2 roles effectively.

The project manager should liaise with the team member’s line manager and remain in contact throughout his project. Adequate recognition and rewards should be offered at the end of the successful completion of the project in question.

Failure to follow this protocol will not only disrupt the project, but also cause inter-departmental issues.



Any More?

By adhering to the correct etiquette and avoid these 4 project management errors, you should be looking forward to a success project – Good Luck!

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The author of this article, Thomas Freeman, is a part of the team at Procept Consulting, a project portfolio management center in Canada. Thomas is an ardent photographer and hones his wildlife photography skills whenever he gets the time.

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