If you run your own interior design business, word-of-mouth is important to keep your company going strong. After all, if you develop a solid reputation as a designer people love, you can gain even more work. But if people start talking negatively about your design ideas and your talents, you’ll fail to continue earning income doing what you love.


Because your reputation is key to the success of your business and you want more people to refer their friends and family to your business, you need to always be aware of what people are saying about you. And a great place to start is online, where people are more than willing to share their opinions about businesses on their many social media pages.

Continue reading for information on how you can find out what people are really saying about you and your interior design business on social media websites likes Facebook, Twitter, and more.


Set Up Google Alerts

Interior Design Business Model

Google Alerts are the tried-and-true way of keeping track of what people are saying all across the Internet, so if you’re a business owner, you definitely want to set up a few Google Alerts. The service is completely free and you can set up as many as you wish.

As soon as new mentions are made about your business anywhere online, you’ll receive an email notification. This will aid you in keeping track of your online reputation at all times.

And this also gives you the opportunity to respond kindly to complaints in order to make things right wherever possible and keep your reputation intact. For example, if someone didn’t like the blinds you installed, you can offer to make changes.


Remember to set up multiple Google Alerts for all of the names that your company goes by. Use your full name, your company’s full name, and any other nicknames you can think of that would be appropriate to search for.


Use a Variety of Search and Monitoring Tools

Search and Monitoring Tools

There are a variety of search tools available that will help you sift through specific social media pages to find out what people are saying about you.

For example, try out TweetDeck to find out what people are saying about you on Twitter. Social Mention, on the other hand, will even search through blogs and comments.


You can also implement the use of other monitoring tools, such as Sprout Social, Trackur, and Topsy. All of these will search for your keywords throughout Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites.


Conduct a Simple Web Search

Simple Web Search

In addition to specific search tools and monitoring programs, you can always do a simple search for your name or your company’s name to see what results appear. You may find that people have reviewed your site or you may even come across social media pages where your company is being discussed.

There are plenty of ways to monitor what people say about your interior design business online. Whenever you find out what people are saying about you online, keep a level head and use any criticisms to improve your business.


Author Bio: Susie Bradshaw, the author of this article, works with, New York City Blinds, leaders in motorized window treatments in Manhattan. She is a fitness enthusiast and loves going cycling and trekking.

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