If you are developing a brand new food product then your mind will soon turn to marketing it. The single most important decision you need to make is about your branding. You can have the most amazing product in the marketplace, but unless your branding has the ‘wow factor’ it will stay on the shelf.

great branding pictureThink of some famous food products and consider their great branding. Spend some time thinking why their branding was so successful – it will help you decide on how to market your own product.

The more you understand about branding the better, although most people choose to go with a marketing agency that can help them out. Here are some things to consider when thinking about the branding for your food product:

Colour Scheme is Key for Great Branding

A major part of branding is your colour scheme. This means tying in your packaging with your logo and using one colour scheme throughout.

This displays consistency to the consumer and helps them make relevant links in their mind. If you are promoting a healthy living product, then obviously your colour scheme should be green or yellow, which is associated with nature.

If your product is wickedly tempting then blacks and reds will work better. Bear this in mind in the consulting stage so that your design agent knows your thought processes.

What’s the Most Important Thing to Convey?

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What will your product do? You need to be crystal clear about what your USP (Unique Selling Point) is, and the branding and marketing must reflect this.

A customer should be able to take one glance at your product and know exactly what it is. If they are confused in any way they will simply look elsewhere.

There may be many things that will tempt your customer in, but they won’t spend an age studying your packaging and wondering if it’s the right thing for them or not. Decide what the most important thing is, and focus on accenting this.

It could be the price, the taste, the ingredients, or the health benefits. First impressions are everything so once you have a draft design worked out, show it to people to market-test it. Do they get the message?


You’ll need to think about your advertising, but whatever you choose to do, it should be consistent with the packaging. Come up with a slogan or a jingle for TV and radio ads, and consider getting advertising space on relevant websites.

The more you can spread the word, the better. Set up a Facebook and Twitter page for your product and get people to share them with their friends. If you can afford to, pay for posters to go up around your local town to raise awareness.

Never miss a chance to affiliate yourself with other brands and companies too. For example, if you are promoting a fajita sauce, can you tie in with a tortilla wrap-making company?

Promoting a new product is hard but with the right approach it could be a staple in every householder’s kitchen cupboard – so if you believe in it, get it right!

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Today’s feature writer, Jenny Wadlow, is a freelance blogger who has a keen interest in branding. She usually gives tips/advice on how to build a brand. She works as a branding consultant for a local company.You can follow her @JennyWadlow.

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